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27 Jalan Wangsa Delima, , Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur 53300, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,

HIS Solutions

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First, choose a plan to suit your budget and strategy.

Then, use the registration form to create your business listing page.

As you go through the registration process, give your prospects the information they need to select a supplier. Describe your business, tell them where you are located, how you can be contacted. Build your web page which stands out!


Your business listing goes online.

You have the possibility to enter multilanguage content.

You get your account login and password so you can modify any time your business details, offers or events.



As soon as it goes online, your business listing page becomes visible to our users.

Your company gets visibility and ranking both on our website and on all national and international search engines.

You start getting leads and valuable traffic is driven to your website.

Your business listing page is also available on mobile phones.

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Mobile-Ready Directory

Business directories are the next best thing to search engines. As a business in today's competitive online world, it is easily to use and 100% Mobile Friendly.

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The number of Internet users increases every day and people tend to look for ways to do their day to day stuff online.

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Like most daily deals sites, each deal expires quickly so you need to move fast to bag the best ones.

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Find upcoming events near you, with listings, tour dates and tickets for concerts, festivals, movies, performing arts, family events, sports and more.

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GoodBiz Directory

Our GoodBiz Directory is perfect for communities and organizations to display a directory of all the businesses. Users can view business details and filter by category.

A password-protected area allows Admins to add and manage businesses. Options could include allowing each business to update their own profile.

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